31 7 / 2014

today i want to write about best and worst hosting companyes.

the best in my opinion is hostnine.com and the worst is ipage.com

why is hostnine the best ? because they have amazing support +cpanel + on business plan you can drive 10k traffic per day and it will work properly.

+ its cheap .

why is ipage worst?

because they havenot good suport and have bad panel. they dont have cpanel,its very hard to add new domains on server!

so hostnine is my favor.

i also want to say that digital ocean is amazing vps ! with cheapest price !

31 7 / 2014

I had happyness to use that amazing tool . oculus team start their campaign on kickstarter . they was asking 250 000$ in funding to produce devises. but they plegged  $2,437,429 by 9,600 funders! 

check oculus campaign on kickstarter 

oculus mission is to create devise that will connect human to virtual reality ! 

1 year ago facebook bought oculus for 2 billion $ tech specialists compared that to googles purchase when google bought android in 2005.. android is leader now in smartphone os’s. it has 70%+ 

so maybe soon we can see oculus as leader on virtual reality market. !

31 7 / 2014

blog life started !

here you can see new in tech and gaming industry !

just be there 

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